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"As you honored Quincy last night you honored yourself with your rare blend of voice, beauty, charisma, grace, personality, fashion, musical integrity and your wholly unique GITA style.Baaaaaaby, simply put, last night the universe lined up and the right person - YOU - did the right songs at the right moment, captured the right sentiment that delighted the right honoree, enthralled the right audience and made Bermuda proud. You BELONGED!" - Rock Newman, promoter, Bermuda Music Festival 2009 

"Peace & Love,“Gita’s voice totally lives up to the meaning of her name ... she is a song from God.” - Greg Phillanganes, top session musician and Quincy Jones' musical director.

“For the classical/jazz/real music enthusiast, this is a collector's item.  It is also a must have for any Bermudian. Her CD is quite excellent with its collection of 12 classic hits, all done with Gita’s sultry, soulful voice...the CD is just awesome. Man, she can sing!" - DJ LT(Bermuda’s Top 20) on "Angel Eyes" - The Mid-Ocean News, December 8, 2006

"Gita Blakeney-Saltus, Bermuda's internationally acclaimed jazz singer, more than held her own in this illustrious company when she sang to Quincy Jones." - Bermuda Sun, November 2009.

"You go girl! I am so proud of you. You are so beautiful. Thank you!" - Cheryl Packwood, CEO Business Bermuda.

"You were absolutely WONDERFUL at the Music Festival last night. How fabulous for you to sing to ‘Q’. You looked and sounded beautiful.  What an ambassador you are for Bermuda. Congratulations on a sterling performance."- Conchita Ming

 "Fabulous! Standing there backed by the Quincy Jones Band complete with violins and back up singers!  And then to be applauded by Quincy....unbelievable!" - Dame Jennifer Smith, former Premier of Bermuda.

"Gita, It was my honor and privilege to work with you on the Quincy Project. You are truly a talented woman. Let's do it again." - Paul Jackson Jr., Lasalle Management

"You were the highlight of the entire festival this year for me and I remain truly blessed to know you and feel completely proud of you! You, my dear, are going places! and Bermuda benefits from your very special gift of song."- Stacey Evans, Bermuda Department of Tourism

"Gita has truly become a vocalist for all seasons" - The Royal Gazette, February 2009

"More than any other festival event I"ve seen thus far, this was a true exhibit of homesgrown talent ... Ms. Blakeney-Saltus was a class act ... delivering her lyrics of love and life and really menaning it." - Bermuda Sun, February 2009.

"[Angel Eyes] bears repeated listening. Gita is nothing if not adventurous. Check out her take on Spain. The selections are all standards, the musical values of the band extremely high. Gita's arranging partnership is very successful, and offers fresh takes on these well known numbers ... she has a fine voice and some musical ideas of her own.  This album ... is full of high musical value. And Gita, as vocalist and arranger deserves credit for that, too" - The Royal Gazette, December 2006.

"Bermudian born musician/educator Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward celebrated his 50th birthday in fine form with an MS Global Dinner Party Jazz Supper at the Fairmount Southampton Resort. The highlight of the evening was the performance of June Ventzos and Gita Blakeney Saltus live and unrehearsed which had the crowd on their feet." - Multiple Sclerosis International Foundation

"Gita's voice is honeyed magic and to be in her audience is an uplifting experience ... a gracious and talented singer." RG Magazine, 2005.

"Songwriter Lynda Lovett and singer Gita Blakeney, two accomplished solo artists, teamed up for a new [Christmas] CD, featuring the title song on the CD, Christmas in Bermuda, which was written by Lovett and sung by Blakeney - a wonderful way to love and celebrate Bermuda."  - Bermuda Sun,  December 1, 2004

The Bermuda Parliament passed a Resolution commending songwriter Lynda Lovett and vocalist Gita Blakeney for their contributions to Bermuda music, on the occasion of the release of  Christmas in Bermuda (as written and arranged by Lovett and sung by Blakeney); the Resolution was moved by The Honorable Dale D. Butler. December 2004. -

"[Gita's] full round voice is huge in comparison to her size. On tunes as demanding as Stormy Monday, something of a litmus test for latter-day vocalists, her phrasing and timing were immaculate" - Mid-Ocean News, March 8, 1996

"Gita and her band took us on a musical voyage which went from samba tracks like The Girl From Ipanema to soft ballads like Anita Baker's Caught Up In The Rapture. This speaks volumes for the versatility of this darling, diminutive diva's repertoire." - DJ LT, Mid-Ocean News.